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When I first began following Jesus, a youth worker at my local church handed me a Bible and a devotional called “10 Challenges of a World Changer” by Ron Luce. She encouraged me to find time everyday to read the devotional and the corresponding Bible passages, and to expect God to speak to me as I did these two simple things. That began my decades long love-affair with the Word of God.

Over the years, my practice of daily devotions has evolved, but one thing has remained true: I have found that true sanctuary is ours for the taking when we spend intentional personal time reading and meditating on God’s Word.

In the high’s and low’s of life, Jesus is our constant. We need time spent “at the feet of Jesus” – to be with Him, to learn from Him, to wholeheartedly follow Him in the times we are living in. Our culture today is filled with comments, opinions, scandals, and fads. None of these amplified voices can tell us who we really are and what we are here on this earth to do. Only Jesus can teach us how to live lives well spent. His Word is truth, and His Presence is power. When we learn how to cultivate and protect sacred space with Jesus in our everyday, we are empowered to live lives of hope, joy, and love.

I talk to so many people who want to develop a discipline for reading the Bible, and want the time spent exploring God’s Word to be meaningful and exciting. They are hungry to hear God’s voice for themselves, to personally get to know who Jesus is, and to be transformed by their relationship with God. They are searching for resounding truth in a world of white noise. They aren’t satisfied by just listening to a good sermon or podcast; they crave to experience the power of God’s Word in their daily lives. They are desperate for sacred space in their everyday. Unfortunately, they don’t always know where to start.

Some of us have experienced rich and revolutionary times reading the Bible. But then life happened. Schedules became more full and the honeymoon period of Bible reading ended. What was once a passionate lover affair with God’s Word now feels more like a lifeless religious duty. We want to return back to the awe and wonder of time spent reading, meditating, and applying Jesus’ teachings in your life.

We just aren’t sure how.

Well, friend, I have good news: regardless of what your current relationship is with the Bible, if you desire to know God more, you CAN develop a vibrant and revolutionary practice of reading and meditating on God’s Word! The Bible was not written just for scholars and experts. It was written for YOU and me!

If you don’t know where to start, I believe this is your year to grow in your knowledge and application of the Bible! And if time in God’s Word currently feels robotic or stale, this could be the year you shake things up and experience a rich intimacy with Jesus greater than you’ve ever known!

AND I WANT TO HELP. After the last few years of being frequently asked how to develop a daily discipline of meaningful Bible reading, I’ve created The 365 Plan with Nicole Smithee. The 365 Plan is a brand new program I’ve created to equip you to approach the Bible in a way that transforms your life and cultivates a more intimate relationship with Jesus. I’ve found that traditional devotionals are helpful aides, but are also very easy to stop. Instead, I wanted to create something that will help you consistently and confidently dive even more fully into the Bible and discover the power of God’s Word in your life. I also wanted to create something that was simple and easy to take with you on the go right from your inbox.

The 365 Plan with Nicole Smithee includes two membership options to support you:

With your Basic Membership ($10 a month or $100 if you purchase for the year), you’ll receive a daily email sent directly to your inbox that includes:

  • A daily meditation exercise – I have created to help you reflect on God’s character and what it means to be His child
  • Bible reading plan for the day
  • A devotional passage I have created to inspire, encourage and equip you in your faith
  • Reflection questions for you to explore the daily passage and see the depth the Word offers you personally
  • A daily activation to guide you in applying the daily Bible reading to your own life

With the Premium Membership ($15 a month or $150 if you purchase for the year), in addition to the basic membership features you also receive:

  • A daily audio recording I personally record that provides more in-depth insights and rich study into the daily reading
    • Plus, you gain access to a twice-monthly 30-minute live Bible study webinar led by me personally
      The webinars will be hosted two times each month and each time I will go live twice that day 8am EST and 8pm EST to allow for anyone to participate
  • As a Premium Member you also have the opportunity to submit your own questions about the daily readings and I will answer them each week
    • Because I want to create a true community around reading the Bible, I am going to post the answers to all questions I receive (submission names are always kept private and confidential) so that we can all learn from each other

The membership content will be delivered to members on January 1st!!

Sales begin on December 30th. Both programs costs less than 50 cents a day!! AND – 10% of all sales for The 365 Plan will be donated to a non-profit partner each year!

This year for 2019, 10% of all sales will be donated to Restore NYC – an amazing organization here in NYC that is helping to end sex trafficking and support survivors of this horrible situation. They have a comprehensive set of programs and support.

So, if you’re ready to take your next steps in reading your Bible daily and you want to journey along with me, then make sure you’re subscribed to my email list (right sidebar) and follow me on Instagram. The program subscription page will launch on December 30th. I will send out a reminder email and post on my social channels. Subscribe when it launches so you have access to our first pieces of content starting January 1st.

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity, and I can’t wait for us to dive into the Word of God and find even deeper more personal revelation together.

Stay tuned!


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