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VIDEO: Squad Goals

  Figuring out how to have healthy friendships isn’t always the easiest, and for a lot of my twenties, I was sifting through the highs and lows of relationships to figure out the difference between toxic friendships and healthy ones. For those of you trying to sort through the same thing, today’s video blog offers a few thoughts on what it looks like to add more health and less drama to your squad goals.   CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO  …

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Squad Goals

I recently spoke to someone much older and wiser than myself. That’s actually a pretty good thing to do every now and again. I highly recommend it. She said a lot of things to me that made a lot of sense, but one in particular that struck an unusual chord in my heart: “Nicole, trust me, at the end of your life you aren’t going to remember to-do lists or deadlines. You are going remember people- the people you loved and…

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