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VIDEO: Introducing Iridescent

  IRIDESCENT launches on Monday, July 9th! will go live with articles and videos from extraordinary women on the topics of Career and Money, Health and Wellness, Relationships, Lifestyle, Culture, Beauty and Fashion, Spirituality, and more.  As if this isn’t exciting enough, The Iridescent Podcast (found on Spotify and iTunes) will launch too! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO…

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BIG Announcement: My Baby!

  No, not that kind of baby, but don’t worry- you’ll be the first to know when that happens! It all started for me last summer.  I was minutes away from stepping onto the stage to preach to an auditorium full of teenagers and young adults.  I was praying during the last worship song, when I heard very clearly the Holy Spirit tell me to look up and around.  I opened my eyes and took in the full scene of…

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I See You: Knowing A Personal God in a Public World

nicole smithee

It’s easier than ever to send a message to the world and harder than ever to stand out.  We can tweet, post and comment our opinions, philosophies, interests, and stories with the simple click of a button or the touch of a screen.  We put it all out there for the world to see; we shout it from the rooftops (or in our case, shout it from the insta-story), but sadly, with more than one billion people active on Facebook…

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Is Valentine’s Day the Worst?

Nicole and Ben Smithee

  I remember first celebrating Valentine’s Day in elementary school. Beginning in kindergarten, each year my mom would take me to WalMart to pick out a box of Valentine’s Day cards to give to all my classmates. There were the generic ones with pink and red hearts and cartoon Cupids plastered on flimsy paper cards. These were the cheapest, and, also clearly the lamest. I would beg my mom to upgrade me to peer-approved Disney characters or Care Bears or…

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