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Video Sermon: Finding God in the Whisper

Perhaps God is speaking to us more than we know. But we are missing it because it’s not as shocking as an earthquake or eye catching as a fire or clearly felt as the wind. It’s in the whisper.…


VIDEO SERMON: Posting It or Living It

  This message was part of Liberty Church‘s recent teaching series: “Fake or Follower”, inspired by Andi Andrew’s book of the same name. My prayer is that you are encouraged to love practically and deeply, and that your faith…


VIDEO SERMON: Predictable

  I pray this message not only encourages you, but motivates you to take action- to face the giants in their lives by growing predictable in their dependence on the Presence of God and faith-filled amidst the challenges arise.…


VIDEO SERMON: Focused And Fulfilled

  Where all my single peeps at? This message is quite personal for me- opening up about my own moments of frustration and heartbreak and also my breakthrough moments of freedom and faith and joy! My hope is that…

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Video Series

Unfiltered: Message Overload

  We live in a world, thanks to modern day technology and social media platforms, where we are constantly exposed to sermons, messages, conferences, and events.  Great content is always at our fingertips. And yet sometimes in the midst…