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Christmas In New York and Exciting Renovations

christmas update

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and ate way too many cookies and watched way too many Christmas movies!  Ben and I spent Christmas Day sleeping in, exchanging gifts, Face Timing with our family, watching movies in our pajamas, and then heading over to Paul and Andi’s (our dear friends and pastors) for Christmas cookie decorating and good conversation, good food, and even better company.  It was fun to laugh, reflect, and make new memories.  And yes, you better believe…

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Goodbye, Dear Friend

woman overlooking green hills

Time Flies.  At least that has been my experience this year.  I felt like just yesterday I was ringing in the New Year, jotting down my yearly ambitions and praying that 2015 would be my best year yet! Then I blinked, and now I find myself writing to you in December.  I look back on my New Year’s cheer, my zealous goals and my hopeful prayers, and well, I can’t help but chuckle.  Someone once said that if you want…

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