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VIDEO: Building Great Friendships

  This video explores some of the best practices of great friendships and how to invest in both new and old friendships. And after watching the video, keep the conversation going by sharing your own friendship wisdom below or by giving a shout out to the great friends in your life!   CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO…

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Is Valentine’s Day the Worst?

Nicole and Ben Smithee

  I remember first celebrating Valentine’s Day in elementary school. Beginning in kindergarten, each year my mom would take me to WalMart to pick out a box of Valentine’s Day cards to give to all my classmates. There were the generic ones with pink and red hearts and cartoon Cupids plastered on flimsy paper cards. These were the cheapest, and, also clearly the lamest. I would beg my mom to upgrade me to peer-approved Disney characters or Care Bears or…

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