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Christmas In New York and Exciting Renovations

christmas update

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and ate way too many cookies and watched way too many Christmas movies!  Ben and I spent Christmas Day sleeping in, exchanging gifts, Face Timing with our family, watching movies in our pajamas, and then heading over to Paul and Andi’s (our dear friends and pastors) for Christmas cookie decorating and good conversation, good food, and even better company.  It was fun to laugh, reflect, and make new memories.  And yes, you better believe…

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My Very Own Christmas Miracle

man in Christmas sweater holding Christmas lights

A few years ago, on Christmas Eve, I found myself in a rather dreary predicament. Plans had suddenly changed, and I was about to spend Christmas Day alone. Super depressing, right?! Earlier that evening, I was getting ready for our church’s Christmas Candlelight services when my phone rang. I answered to hear my mother’s unusually raspy voice on the other line. She explained to me that she was feeling a little under the weather and after chatting with my sister,…

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