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Finding Grace in the Hustle: Part 1

In this part 1 of a new video series “Finding Grace in the Hustle”, we’ll explore how Jesus understands the challenges we face as we navigate careers, our calling and day-to-day work challenges. Not only does He understand, but…

10 Questions to Ask to Reclaim Health in Your Hustle

10 Questions to Ask to Reclaim Health in Your Hustle

When I first moved to New York City from Los Angeles a few years back, I found my people!  New Yorkers are hustlers. They are always on the move, always on their phones and always working. 60-hour work weeks…

Video Series

VIDEO: Introducing Iridescent

  IRIDESCENT launches on Monday, July 9th! will go live with articles and videos from extraordinary women on the topics of Career and Money, Health and Wellness, Relationships, Lifestyle, Culture, Beauty and Fashion, Spirituality, and more.  As if this…


BIG Announcement: My Baby!

  No, not that kind of baby, but don’t worry- you’ll be the first to know when that happens! It all started for me last summer.  I was minutes away from stepping onto the stage to preach to an…