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Video Sermon: Finding God in the Whisper

Perhaps God is speaking to us more than we know. But we are missing it because it’s not as shocking as an earthquake or eye catching as a fire or clearly felt as the wind. It’s in the whisper. The gentle whisper. Maybe, just maybe, God isn’t silent- He’s just quiet.  And to hear Him and experience a life of transformation and not just survival, we need to lean in, I mean really lean in… shhhh… quiet! …and hear Him…

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The 365 Plan

365 Plan with Nicole Smithee blog

When I first began following Jesus, a youth worker at my local church handed me a Bible and a devotional called “10 Challenges of a World Changer” by Ron Luce. She encouraged me to find time everyday to read the devotional and the corresponding Bible passages, and to expect God to speak to me as I did these two simple things. That began my decades long love-affair with the Word of God. Over the years, my practice of daily devotions…

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