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Real Questions, Real Answers: Online Dating and Other Dating Tips


The second installment in a brand new new series, “Real Questions, Real Answers” Nicole tackles this question:


I have a question for you about Internet dating. I’ve never tried it before but a few of my friends have suggested that there are Christian online dating sites that I should consider, especially seeing that my schedule is full with work and serving at church that I don’t have much opportunity to meet new people. There are conflicted opinions around me regarding this matter and I sometimes question whether going on these Christian online dating platforms would be in a way taking matters into my own hands and not trusting or doubting Gods sovereignty to provide the right partner for me. What do you think? Would love to hear your opinion or advice on this.”

-Jane from Australia


Regardless of whether or not you are currently online dating, are single or married, this video will offer you tips to make choices full of faith and have fun in the season you are in!


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