One Wild Ride: Nicole’s Latest Updates and Reflections

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It’s a strange feeling to know that April is upon us and it is now officially spring. Wasn’t it just yesterday I was ringing in the new year with my friends? If you feel like you blinked and three months passed, you are not alone.

I hope and pray your 2019 has been off to a great start.  🙂

Mine has been one wild ride filled with the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, ministry, travel, writing, friendship, and marriage.  If I could provide you with a quick montage of my last 3 months it would include shots of laughter amongst friends, loving embraces from my husband, support from a phenomenal team, typing away many nights on my laptop, falling asleep on planes, cracking open my Bible in the early and quiet first minutes of the day, preaching to new and old faces, and people-watching while pondering and/or trying not to fall asleep on subways.

The last 3 months have taught me to silence timidity with faith, seek out genuine and honest conversations with friends, develop an insatiable curiosity for learning, pray more, practice daily gratitude, and value a good night’s sleep and trips to the gym… just to name a few lessons.

And there are some exciting developing on the horizon, that I wanted to share and celebrate with you:

Iridescent, the community I co-founded last year committed to awakening brilliance in women, is growing and flourishing. We are blessed with new subscribers to our site, followers to our social media, and listeners to our podcast added daily! We recently made a few fun changes to our site, including even more timely conversations around current events taking place in our world and shaping culture. We are also featuring women and brands making an impact, and are honored to share their stories with you more regularly. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do (you can do so here), and pass on our site to the women in your world looking for encouraging, inspiring, and empowering articles and videos from other women committed to speaking to the potential in women.  And if you or your brand are interested in being featured at Iridescent Women, reach out to us at hello@iridescentwomen.com. Let’s start a conversation!

Our first Iridescent live Meet Up is happening this coming Tuesday, April 2nd from 7-9pm in NYC. We are thrilled to be partnering with the legend herself- Dawn Sadler for the Dream It, Do It Workshop. In this highly interactive workshop women will create vision, set goals and develop an action plan to make it happen in their lives. Whether it’s writing a book, launching a business, landing the dream job or spending the summer traveling through Europe we’ll each discover how to turn our vision into a clear, realistic action plan to achieve our goals. Each participant will also receive a Personal Vision Planner to keep using beyond the time we have together. If you are a woman reading this in the NYC area, I’d love for you to join us. There are still a few spots left, and you can purchase your tickets here.

Our first season of The Iridescent Podcast is going strong with our recent interviews including family and marriage therapist Nicole Zasowski and Brooklyn explorers and fashionistas The Brooklyn Mavens. These episodes were so fun to record and will inspire and inform! We also have some exciting interviews coming soon that you won’t want to miss including topics of nutrition, social enterprise, managing careers and family, and the issue of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. You can subscribe to The Iridescent Podcast here, available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.


My dear friend Ashley Abercrombie just released pre-orders for her highly anticipated book, Rise of the Truth Teller. She is a brilliant writer, and her story will move you to both laughter and tears. I’ve never met anyone quite like Ashley. She is one of the bravest, sharpest, kindest, generous, and refreshingly authentic people I have ever known. It’s an honor to call her friend. I can’t wait to read her book. Don’t wait; go ahead and pre-order your copy here.

rise of the truth teller

The 365 Plan I launched at the beginning of the year has been so fun! More people keep joining the program, and it has been so fun to read the Bible with so many. If you are looking to develop meaningful time in God’s Word daily, I’d love for you to join us! To learn more, click here.

Finally, I keep falling more and more in love with Jesus, my husband, my family, my friends, my church, and this season I’m in. I have so much to be thankful for. It’s messy and magnificent and stretching and spectacular all wrapped in one. Whatever season you are in, friend, I hope Jesus is your joy, your peace, your strength, and that you are overwhelmed by His grace every day.

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