Light My Way Bible Companions

After the last few years of being asked how to develop a daily discipline of meaningful Bible reading, I decided to lead a group of people through reading the Bible daily for a full year. I walked subscribers through an approach to reading and meditating on the Bible daily that would deepen their faith and bring tangible change to their everyday lives. The experience was extraordinary, and now I am excited to offer Light My Way Bible Companions!

These downloadable guides are the perfect companion to your Bible reading, helping you make the most of your daily devotions while reading entire books of the Bible at your own pace. Instead of simply checking a box next to a passage of scripture found in many Bible reading plans that can easily feel more like completing a to-do list than sacred time spent with Jesus, these Bible companions focus on the quality of time spent in God’s Word and not simply the quantity.

Each Bible companion breaks down completing a book of the Bible into these simple daily components:

  • a meditation exercise to help you quiet your soul and reflect on God’s character
  • a passage of the Bible to read for the day 
  • a short written devotional created to inspire, encourage and equip you in your faith
  • reflection questions for you to explore the daily passage more closely and see the depth the Word offers you personally
  • a daily activation to guide you in applying God’s Word to your own life

In a world filled with busyness and distraction, Light My Way Bible Companions will create sacred space in your daily life to hear God’s voice, connect with your Creator, receive power from the Holy Spirit and be transformed by truth!

Light My Way Bible Companions Available for Download:

The Book of Mark: Jesus the Miracle Maker

The book of Mark is an extraordinary account of the life, ministry, death and resurrection of Jesus. Through each chapter, Christ’s perfect character is revealed, His mission is unveiled, His power is manifested, and the Kingdom of God is unleashed. As you explore this up close look at Jesus, may you fall more and more in love with Your Savior and Miracle Maker!


The Book of James: Wisdom for Life

The book of James is an extraordinary wisdom letter encouraging, strengthening, and challenging believers in their devotion and faith. Through each chapter, we are comforted in our trials, encouraged to pursue faithful obedience, and given spiritual instruction on vital matters related to the health and unity of the Church. As you explore this letter often called “the Proverbs of the New Testament” may you grow in wisdom, understanding, and above all, love!



The Book of Galatians: Transformed by Grace

The book of Galatians is a New Testament letter that continues to illuminate believers’ hearts to the wonder and power of God’s grace. Through each chapter, we are compelled to rely on God’s love, encouraged to live free from the bondage of performance-driven fear, and empowered to exercise our freedom to bring God glory! As you explore this letter sometimes referred to as the “Grace Gospel,” may you gain a greater revelation of the love, power, and freedom given to you through Jesus Christ!