Iridescent Women



At the beginning of 2018, I sat down with my dear friend, Alex Brown, (with lattes in hand, of course) to sit down and dream together. It was awesome! I highly recommend making space to dream with friends who share similar passions. In our case, our commonality came in the form of championing women.

Both of our individual careers had already involved investing in young women. But we knew it was time to do more! With the latest wave of extraordinary female empowerment shaping society, we wanted to create a space for women to explore what it really means to live empowered and to pioneer––to bring hope and healing into the world.

We wanted to make something that truly represented the diversity and uniqueness of women and spoke to the relevant issues women face today.

A few months later, after many long hours of working and planning that was sustained by a phenomenal team of women and ridiculous amounts of caffeine, Iridescent launched as an online community of women committed to awakening brilliance within each other!

Celebrate the wins

Why the name “Iridescent”? 

Iridescent has a very special meaning for us. Iridescent describes an effusion of luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles. When light hits it from every angle it shines a different color: just like women. We truly believe every woman’s brilliance is multi-faceted and her potential uncontainable.

We are committed to speaking to that potential. Iridescent Women is designed with this in mind as a platform created for women, by women.

With every new published article and video women get to hear from other women sharing their real experiences, inspirational stories and practical insights to encourage and empower each other.


We also host The Iridescent Podcast, which is a space where we interview extraordinary women who make an impact through their careers, relationships, politics, cultures, health and wellness, creativity, fashion and more. You name it, and chances are we have plans to talk about it!

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