Iridescent Women is Expanding Our Reach!


A little over two years ago, I co-founded Iridescent Women with a deep passion to support the cause of women everywhere. Since then, our small start-up has grown to become an online community with a global reach committed to awakening and championing the brilliance of women through honest conversations and authentic connections. 

I frequently hear stories from our Iridescent subscribers and contributors, and every single one is a constant reminder of why we, as a company, do what we do. The work of Iridescent Women has sparked a passion for advocacy in some, inspired career pivots for others, and supported entrepreneurial dreams for women all over the world. For others it has brought timely encouragement when overcoming personal obstacles – encouragement they’ve received from real women, sharing vulnerably, their very real stories. 

Click here to watch this video to learn more about Iridescent Women.

And now, after much prayer and planning, it’s time to grow- to take what we do and expand it, reach further, and inspire even more! 

It’s with this mission in mind that we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise capital to expand our reach as a company. With your help, we are excited to bring support and community to more women! Our initial goal is to raise $15,000! 25% of funds raised will go towards current operating expenses. And 75% will go towards our growth initiatives that includes the release of an app, the development of a membership program and strategic partnerships.


Two generous donors have committed to matching all funds raised through iFund Women for Iridescent up to $8,500! That means every dollar given will go twice as far. I am so thankful for God’s provision and for such generosity.

We have some great offerings in our campaign including coaching courses, resources and new merch that you can purchase to help us achieve our goal. Will you prayerful consider supporting us and helping us reach our goal? 

Thank you for your generosity and for investing in the mission of Iridescent Women!

Oh, and to stay up to date on progress towards our goal, you can follow us on Instagram @iridescentwomen and subscribe to IridescentWomen.com.

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