BIG Announcement: My Baby!


No, not that kind of baby, but don’t worry- you’ll be the first to know when that happens!

It all started for me last summer.  I was minutes away from stepping onto the stage to preach to an auditorium full of teenagers and young adults.  I was praying during the last worship song, when I heard very clearly the Holy Spirit tell me to look up and around.  I opened my eyes and took in the full scene of what was happening all around me, and it was nothing short of breath-taking.  Tears filled my eyes as I scanned the sea of young people worshipping Jesus with passion and sincerity.

It was then that God asked me to not only take in the magnitude of the moment, but to see past the crowd and see the faces- young people crying out to their Savior, some praising, some hoping, some searching, some yearning- all looking to Heaven to provide what this earth could not.  Each face was a story, a life, a child of God, a purpose, a destiny.  And every individual that stood out to me had something in common.  They were all young women.

Women of all styles and heights and experiences and interests and backgrounds and views were looking to Jesus for answers and hope.  Suddenly, my heart began to break for the needs of these young women.  These women are so deeply loved by God, destined for greatness, and capable of more than they know.  These women are more than faces to get lost in a crowd, or numbers to be counted in surveys and studies, more than the abuse of their past or the confusion of their current situation or the confines culture places on them or the lies of insecurity playing in their heads.  They are women who need to be awakened to their own brilliance and be surrounded by a community that believes in them and will show up for them.

It was then that I knew God was calling me to something new, something outside of my comfort zone, something beyond my expertise or ability, something bold and gutsy …

Well, after lots of dreaming and praying and planning and hustling, Iridescent is about to launch!

Iridescent is a community of young women committed to awakening the brilliance within each other one real conversation and true contribution at a time.  On Monday, July 9th, iridescentwomen.com will go live consisting of articles and videos from extraordinary women with new content added every day.  You’ll get a chance to hear from real women engaging in conversations that will provide practical insights to inspire, encourage and empower you around topics of Career and Money, Health and Wellness, Relationships, Lifestyle, Culture, Beauty and Fashion, Spirituality, and more.

I’ve been blown away by the conversations, and our community of contributors to Iridescent is growing weekly with over 90 so far!  We are excited to feature articles and videos like:

  • “Five Tips to Nail Your Virtual Interview” by Jillian Prejean
  • “Stay Happy While Scrolling” by Emi Feldman
  • “Break the Deadbeat Dating Cycle” by Sanaz Mesa
  • “You Are God’s Masterpiece” by Donna Martin
  • “When I Stopped Striving For Normal” by Cami Bradley
  • “Immigration: Turn Your Compassion to Action” by Leani Garcia Torres

We’ll also be launching The Iridescent Podcast the same week (it can be found on Spotify and iTunes- The Iridescent Podcast.)  We are thrilled to host podcast episodes interviewing young women on topics like Overcoming Obstacles to Fitness, Cultivating Your Creativity, Ethical Fashion, and more.

Iridescent would not be possible without the phenomenal team that in so many miraculous ways God has put together.  Alex Brown has been my partner in crime from the beginning, and you’ll get to know her more as she co-hosts The Iridescent Podcast with me.  Our Editor-In-Chief, Jennifer D’Erasmo is talented and passionate, and her brilliance shines throughout our community.  Kyra Schaefer is a powerhouse, providing direction and leadership to our podcast and videos.

Here’s a little more info about the type of community Iridescent is:

The Iridescent Mission

YOU are brilliant- uniquely formed and divinely woven together, with the ability to light up this world through goodness and kindness, bravery and resilience.  Your shimmer is multi-faceted and potential uncontainable.  Created with purpose, you were destined to shine.

The Iridescent Values

  • We are committed to real conversations.  We believe there is power in laying down masks and that vulnerability is a strength.


  • We honor the diversity of light we each bring to the world.  We celebrate the unique shine every woman contributes to a conversation.


  • We believe that every woman is capable of greatness and are committed to unleashing potential with every conversation.


  • We champion all women, and with every conversation, we seek to encourage and inspire others to explore their brilliance.


  • We are practical and willing to dig deep and do the work needed to overcome, pioneer, innovate, and bring healing and hope to the world.


  • We believe connection is catalytic and are passionate about inviting as many women as possible to conversations that provoke change.

I want to personally invite you first to subscribe to iridescentwomen.com and to follow Iridescent @iridescentwomen.  You’ll be updated about new conversations, podcast episodes, and more. Iridescent is committed to speaking to your potential and surrounding you with other young women who believe in your ability to bring hope and healing to this world.  This community is for you, and my prayer is that through Iridescent, you awaken to your own unique brilliance…. Because, you my friend, you were created with purpose and destined to shine.



P.S.  We all have friends and family that could join the Iridescent community.  Show some love, and pass this on to them.  Taking the time to forward to the women in your world makes a difference, and reminds them they were made to shine!

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