And So the Conversation Begins…

We live in an interesting world today. Don’t get me wrong. I love the world we live in… staying connected to my friends and family on the other side of the planet is only a scroll or click away. I get to veg on old episodes of The Office from the comfort of my own bed. Thank you, Netflix, you’ve become a dear friend over the last few years. I can use handy emoticons to quickly express my feelings instead of wasting thumb strength by texting actual words. Who has time for that?! Sheesh. And if I’m being really thankful right now, it is worth noting because of the times I live in, I don’t own a corset or a bonnet. Praise, Jesus! I have a hard enough time walking in the occasional high heels. Plus, I vote when election time comes around, receive health care and possess the freedom to pursue whatever life my heart desires. So, yeah, there’s that.

These are good times.

They are also complicated ones.

On one hand, we are exposed to more up to date information than any other generation before us, but we don’t always seem to know what to do with that information. More often than not, selfies become the primary contribution we make to the global conversation. We have access to unlimited education at our fingertips; and our top searches remain celebrity gossip and porn. We have resources in abundance, but they are so unevenly dispersed throughout the world that while most live on less than a dollar a day, an average American spends over $1,200 a year on fast food alone.

Like I said, these are interesting times we live in.

And as of late, I’ve become more and more unsettled with this nagging feeling that we’re missing something. Somewhere between good times and complicated times is something else entirely- a significance and meaning that has for one reason or another seemed to escape our grasp.

Maybe, it’s because I was the nerd who loved studying history in school, but I have often imagined what would be written and said of us many years and decades from now. Would we be a generation like those who were a part of the Civil Rights Movement, who marched and gathered and prayed and who just wouldn’t back down for the cause of justice, even when their own lives were at risk? Or would we be like a great chunk of a generation who turned a blind eye and deaf ear to atrocities like the Holocaust?

What will become of us? Will we be heroes, villains, or perhaps even worse, bystanders? How will we be remembered… and not just in history books, in Heaven itself?

Call me crazy, but I believe we were meant to do great things with this time in history we’ve been given. I also believe great things tend to begin as great conversations… Conversations bold enough to be honest… Conversations humble enough to be wrong… Conversations relevant enough to demand an audience… Conversations powerful enough to change the way we think and act…

…Conversations of the heart.

I’m hungry for these types of conversations. My heart is hungry to talk about the things that are going to matter long after my car starts to run down, my iPhone is traded in for an even newer and better gadget, and skinny jeans are replaced with some new fashion fad.

I want to talk about Jesus. I want to talk and listen about all things Jesus for the sole purpose of following Him and becoming more like Him. I’m not interested in trying to reinvent Jesus to fit nicely into this culture’s current spiritual and moral climate. I want His teachings to be my compass north for my thoughts, my motives, my dialogue and my actions. I want what He did on the cross and with the grave to continually shape the person I am becoming and how I see the world.

I want to talk about the Church, and not just about how to put together a good Sunday service or how to promote properly for a conference. Don’t get me wrong- those conversations are beneficial, but not if they are the full extent of the dialogue we give to the Church. I want to talk about how the Holy Spirit is leading the Church; how Jesus is growing His Church; and what He is positioning His Church to do with this present time we’ve been given.

I want to talk about people. I don’t want to gossip about people or idolize people or criticize and judge people. I want to talk about how to love people, how to serve people, how to help people, how to share the love of Jesus with people. I don’t want to talk about what people can do for me or how great of a following I can amass for myself. I want to shift the dialogue to simply what I can do for someone else. I can’t do everything, but I have a feeling there’s more I can do.

I’m hungry for some real conversations that could morph into something so much more than a conversation, something God-breathed with eternal ramifications.

For those who are hungry too, well, this site is for you. The conversation will inevitably vary and take many forms- videos, written blogs, excerpts from messages that are currently messing with my heart, and whatever else the current topic of dialogue demands. My prayer is that each new piece would engage more than just our time and focus, but our hearts.

And so the conversation begins…


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  • Reply
    Wendy Nolasco
    August 1, 2015 at 5:18 am

    Fantastic job on the new site. Kudos to you.

  • Reply
    Michelle Lutz
    August 1, 2015 at 6:53 pm

    Love this and love you. Can’t wait to read more!


  • Reply
    Joel Britton
    August 7, 2015 at 7:30 pm

    HI Nicole, so glad you are doing this. I too am starting on a new path and
    have always been inspired by your words. I look forward to more over
    the years to come. God Bless You!

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