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nicole smithee

  IRIDESCENT launches on Monday, July 9th! will go live with articles and videos from extraordinary women on the topics of Career and Money, Health and Wellness, Relationships, Lifestyle, Culture, Beauty and Fashion, Spirituality, and more.  As if this isn’t exciting enough, The Iridescent Podcast (found on Spotify and iTunes) will launch too! In this video learn more about the story behind IRIDESCENT, and what this exciting new online community for young women is all about.  Subscribe at, connect with…

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BIG Announcement: My Baby!


  No, not that kind of baby, but don’t worry- you’ll be the first to know when that happens! It all started for me last summer.  I was minutes away from stepping onto the stage to preach to an auditorium full of teenagers and young adults.  I was praying during the last worship song, when I heard very clearly the Holy Spirit tell me to look up and around.  I opened my eyes and took in the full scene of…

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Video Series

Unlock Your Beauty Part 2: Stop the Name Calling

Nicole Smithee video

  One of the ways we begin to actively combat insecurity and shame, and embrace the beauty within each of us is by putting an end to name-calling, not just to each other, but the name-calling we do to ourselves. I was speaking to a friend the other day who recently realized how negatively she talks to herself with little side comments like, “Oh, why am I so stupid?” and “I’m so dumb.”  It’s so easy to become our own…

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Video Series

Unlock Your Beauty: Redefine the Terms

Nicole Smithee

  Who is it exactly holding the copyright to beauty for you?  The fashion industry?  The entertainment industry?  The health industry?  Your peers?  Your social media celebrities?  Your family?  Your boyfriend?  The childhood bully who called you fat or your nose too big or your skin too dark or your teeth too crooked or your hair too messy?  Who is it exactly who defines beauty for you?  It’s time we redefine beauty.  We are magnificent creations, each and every one,…

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Beauty Redefined: 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Own Beauty

Nicole Smithee and bridal party

  I was 6 years old when a boy first made me cry.  He called me Plucky Duck on the playground in front of other kids, laughing over his own clever joke about my “big” lips.  I ignored him and kept playing with my friends as if nothing had happened, but later that evening I stared at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, biting my lips to make them appear smaller while holding back tears. I didn’t wear lipstick till…

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