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Real Relationships: Building Great Friendships

Nicole Smithee


We all want to have ride or die friends, friends who send us memes that make us laugh out loud, friends that drive us to the airport and help us move, who tell us when we have something stuck in our teeth or our zipper is down, who keep us from buying that ridiculous outfit, who share their wifi password with us, or better yet, their Netflix subscription, and who are there when we need them and have our backs.

We want the kind of friendships that encourage, inspire, and bring out the best in us.

In a world where “friends” can simply mean someone who has access to our Facebook page, we crave something more. We want authentic, sincere, loyal friendship, and sadly, that’s not always the easiest to come by. And without it, we often feel lonely, isolated, unnoticed and uncared for.

This video explores some of the best practices of great friendships and how to invest in both new and old friendships. And after watching the video, keep the conversation going by sharing your own friendship wisdom below or by giving a shout out to the great friends in your life!

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