Posting It or Living it

Nicole Smithee


Is our faith more than instagram deep? Are we only after the highlight reel or willing to endure suffering for Christ as well? Are we growing in our faith or just appearing so? Are we getting to know Jesus more or just appearing to? Are we becoming more like Jesus or just saying and posting all the right things?

In other words, is our faith authentic, is there depth, real depth… Or is it more motivated by performance than we’d like to admit?

This past weekend, I preached a message at my church, Liberty Church in NYC, as part of our series, Fake or Follower. You can also listen to other messages in this series here. The series draws from some topics explored in Andi Andrew’s latest book, Fake or Follower. I LOVE this book and the challenge in it to find authentic faith in the times we are living in! My prayer as you listen to this message and read Fake or Follower you are inspired to follow Jesus wholeheartedly and discover His radical and transforming love in new ways!

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