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Healthy You: Putting Jesus Before the Dishes

Nicole Smithee video


Drawn from insights found in Luke 10, this latest installment of the Healthy You video series explores how to spend intentional time in the Presence of God and the impact this practice has on our health.  Like we see in Luke 10, we can sit at the feet of Jesus every day, absorbing every revelation He has for us… or we can be pulled away by the to-do lists of life and the over-stimulation of smart phones or the mental burdens of stresses at work or the constant pressures to perform and produce.  Healthy You: Putting Jesus Before the Dishes provides practical insights on how to create space to connect with Your Creator everyday, to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn from Him. Setting apart 20-30 minutes or more in your day to step away from the “dirty dishes” of life to be with the One who knows you better than any other, Who loves you more deeply than any other, and Who is able to lead and guide you in all truth like no other, will bring miraculous health to your soul and to your life.

Why not share this video with a friend and together, let’s determine to create space to intentionally choose time with Jesus every day!

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