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Midterms Are Over. Now What?

midterms are over now what

It was fast approaching 11pm on Tuesday night, and even though I was wiped from a full day of meetings, I sat huddled under my bedcovers glued to my phone screen watching the latest poll results coming in. I wasn’t alone. With heated campaigns and too-close-to-call projections, millions of Americans found themselves tuned into the election like a political Super Bowl that had just gone into overtime. Would the House flip? What affect will the results of the election have…

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Reflections on Our First Year of Marriage

Happy One Year Photo

Next Tuesday, on November 6th, Ben and I celebrate our one year anniversary. A year ago, my life was in a frantic state of packing and moving, planning and prepping for a wedding, a honeymoon, and well, a new life shared with my soon-to-be-husband. Will the caterers show up on time with enough servers? Did we order enough candles? Will it rain? How will the photos turn out? Will we be able to merge our closets and have enough room…

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Posting It or Living it

Nicole Smithee

  Is our faith more than instagram deep? Are we only after the highlight reel or willing to endure suffering for Christ as well? Are we growing in our faith or just appearing so? Are we getting to know Jesus more or just appearing to? Are we becoming more like Jesus or just saying and posting all the right things? In other words, is our faith authentic, is there depth, real depth… Or is it more motivated by performance than…

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Stressing Over the Blessing

Nicole Smithee blog

Lately, I have been running hard. Preaching has taken me to many cities and churches, camps and conferences. I’ve seen the move of the Holy Spirit and the miraculous power of Jesus. I’ve also sacrificed sleep and poured out my heart, many times in between early flights and late night hotel check-ins. IRIDESCENT, a company for young women I launched earlier this year, is quickly growing with limitless potential that also demands my attentive leadership. Serving in church is one…

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Video Series

Philippians 2: Is Innocence Outdated?

Nicole Smithee video

  How do we stand out and make an impact in a world struggling with so much brokenness, hatred, and injustice? Do our opinions and comments alone make a difference? And what role exactly does purity play in impacting our culture for the better? Is there a difference between purity and self-righteousness, and how we not confuse the two in the times we live in? Nicole examines these questions and more while exploring Philippians 2.…

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